Our History

Tosello Réalisations is the fruit of a subtile balance between the legacy of the past and the present…

…for the projects of tomorrow.

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We would like to preserve this heritage… and to propagate its techniques.

It is an art worth maintaining.

Jean-Jacques Tosello

Jean-Jacques Tosello

born in Cannes in 1944, he began his career at the age of 18 in an artists’ workshop in Cannes. He worked for twenty years making decorative pieces destined for the projects of architect Jacques COUËLLE, creator of the architecture-sculpture movement, himself inspired by the famous Catalan architect Antoni GAUDI.

Jean-Jacques founded his work shop in 1982 and began dressing with leather and various metals sumptuous houses of the French Riviera and beyond the borders in Europe, US, Thailand, South Africa…

Laurent Tosello

Laurent Tosello

born in Cannes in 1973, grew up in this rich, artistic background. After receiving his civil engineering diploma, he started his career in the French Pacific island of New-Caledonia in a real estate developer office. He then returned to the Cote-d’Azur where he participated in the renovation of luxury hotels and mansions.

He started his own project management company in 2004, and in 2007 also began a company, N+T ARCHITECTURE, with a childhood friend and architect. He worked until 2016 on projects designing and renovating wineries, restaurants and homes in the Provence.

In 2016, at the age of 72, Jean-Jacques retired from his professional activities without turning his back on his workshop, and continues to sculpt, paint and draw, enriching both his own private art collection and his universe…

Laurent recognized the need to perpetuate the traditions and validate his father’s exceptional knowledge, this famous know-how in metal processing, leather and materials in general. Because of this, Laurent created in 2016 Tosello Réalisations .

Logo Tosello Réalisations

Born of the bond of these two generations, Tosello Réalisationsis a subtle collaboration between the heritage of the past, the experience of the present and new technologies for projects of tomorrow.

Tosello Réalisations is targeted at architects, interior designers or individuals looking for personalized services, originality and ‘hand-made’, extravagant, innovative or just different ideas…