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Where form and function combine to create magical and practical style…

Tailor-made, Single, Creative, Original
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Together, let’s imagine future creations to delight you, to fascinate the dreamer’s eye…

Know-How Tosello Réalisation - Laurent Tosello at the Forge

Tosello Réalisations folds, twists, drapes and knits together their metals in the same way runway designers fashion their fabrics
… as if all are touched by the magic of little elves.

Know-How Tosello Réalisation - Iron Fergé twisted in vise
Know-How Tosello Réalisation - Wrought Iron Hammering
Know-How Tosello Réalisation - Brass Weld

In our workshop, from the nudges of the hammer and the whispers of the blowtorch, gradually appear the unique works that illuminate and highlight the world of their new contented owners.

Know-How Tosello Réalisation - Leatherworking
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Listening to you

We create an atmosphere of confidence
for a personalized relationship…

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Custom made

We carry out a personalized study
to ensure your absolute satisfaction…

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No pre-conceived style, no routine,
we listen to your needs and wishes…

Tosello Réalisations serves the needs of architects, interior designers or individuals looking for personalized services, custom advice, originality and ‘hand-made’, extravagant, innovative or just different ideas…
Know-How Tosello Réalisations | Metal Hammering

Constantly innovating, Tosello Réalisations takes the time to create within the serenity needed to reach perfection…

Our creations are uniquely born from the overflowing imagination.

Know-How Tosello Réalisations | Work Preparation Wrought Iron

Our work uses the knowledge of traditional methods, passed down from father to son.

Tosello Réalisations works with a wide range of ancient tools (coal forge, anvil, hammers) as well as with the latest technologies (plasma cutting, MIG welding).

Know-How Tosello Réalisations | Leatherworking - Cutting

Tosello Réalisation’s techniques focus mainly upon the transformation of raw materials.

Far from the academic, we shape brass, iron, stainless steel, corten steel, copper, glass, leather…and the result of their amalgamation delights those searching for originality or who are looking for that element of surprise.